Blank movie Starring Sunny Deol released, praised by audience


Sunny Deol’s new movie Blank is released today. The movie is also the debut movie of Dimple kapadia’s nephew Karan kapadia.

Karanveer Sharma and Ishita Dutta are also staring in the movie. Blank is produced by Behzad Khambata. It is an action thriller movie in which Sunny Deol plays an ATS officer and Karan is playing a suicide bomber.

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The movie is getting a huge response on social media despite of not having a big promotion plans.

People has praised Blank’s editing, screenplay, and also the Karan Kapadia’s confident debut and Sunny Deol’s amazing dialogue delivery. KRK tweeted: “According to censor board members, who watched, film #Blank is a very interesting and engaging and it can become a sure shot hit.”

Blank is Sunny Deol’s first release after coming to politics. It is expected that movie will earn up to rs. 2 crores on the first day. The film’s budget was being announced as 12 crores. The film is a single release this week. So, it will help movie in doing a great business. Blake likewise has Akshay Kumar’s cameo role.


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