Hrithik’s unique birthday celebration with father


In the wake of experiencing medical procedure for throat cancer growth, Rakesh Roshan commended his child’s birthday.

Hrithik Roshan, who turned 45 on January 10, had a somewhat uncommon birthday this time around.

On Tuesday, January 8, the performer reported his dad Rakesh Roshan’s malignancy conclusion on Instagram, the day the movie producer had medical procedure for the equivalent.

Rakesh Roshan, who is currently recovering in healing facility, observed Duggu’s birthday with the Roshan group.

Hrithik posted an image on his Twitter account and composed, ‘And he’s up and about…Power of adoration! Much obliged to all of you for being with him and helping him control through. Today was an incredible day’.

Rakesh, 69, will be released from healing center in multi day or two. We wish him an expedient recuperation.

Photo: Kind graciousness Hrithik Roshan/Twitter

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