Imran Khan reacts on the news of his divorce with wife Avantika


Actor Imran Khan is in the news nowadays because of his divorce news with his wife. As per reports, everything is not good between the couple.

In an event, Imran Khan was asked about the divorce and in reply he smiled in front of the media and then he said “How can you ask this type of questions?”. He maintained his smile at that time also.

The family is trying hard to avoid such situation but the news got a stamp when Imran’s wife Avantika Mallik removed the Imran’s surname Khan from his name.

Avantika’s mother has rejected the news of the divorce between the couple but admitted about the problems between them. The couple got married in 2011 after dating each other for 8 years.

As of now the couple has one daughter who was born in 2014.


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