Kapil Sharma awarded as most viewed stand up comedian in India & Abroad


Comedian Kapil Sharma’s has been named in The World Book of Records London as the most viewed stand-up comedian in India and abroad. The news has been given from the official Instagram account of Sony TV.

Chanel shared the certificate and said, “It is a proud moment for all of us. When we see the most watched comedian and for promotion of animal rights in India and Abroad by the World Book of Records, , we Congratulates Comedy King Kapil Sharma . “

38-year-old Kapil Sharma has worked as a stand-up comedian in many shows. He got the real identity with show Comedy Nights with Kapil. The show, which began in 2013, runs until 2016. After that, he has hosted The Kapil Sharma Show, Family Time with Kapil Sharma. Right now, he is seen in the second season of that Kapil Sharma show. 

Kapil’s show is considered to be the best option for the promotion of Bollywood Celebs today. There was a time when no actor was ready to come on the show. Then the superstar Dharmendra became his first guest. This was revealed by Kapil himself during an interview recently.

Kapil had said, “Well, all of the guests are very supportive and we enjoy a lot with everyone, but there is a person whom i respect a lot and he is Dharam Paji (Superstar Dharmendra). When I started Comedy Nights with Kapil No star wanted to be a part of it, but he came to my show. I received a lot of love and appreciation from him. “


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