Manoj Bajpayee to play a genius under Apoorva Asrani directorial


Our beloved actor Manoj Bajpayee, is all set to play a genius, who gets forgotten by people. Due to which he starts losing his mental imbalance. This is the state of mind which is still today not talked about in many parts of country.

The movie is directed by Apoorva Asrani. He has won the National Award for his editing. Apoorva had edited Manoj’s film Satya, while he wrote a screenplay of his film Aligarh.

Apoorva Asrani had signed Manoj for his film in 1998. In reality when Manoj Bajpai was working in ‘Satya’, at that point he had seen Apoorva editing, and after that he advised Apoorva to go toward the direction. Apoorv clarifies that Manoj was the first man who had motivated him doing the directon. Apoorv grabbed a tissue and offered it to Manoj, writing that the Manoj will work in his first directorial film. Apoorva had signed Manoj by paying a rupee fee.

Before Rajneeti, Manoj’s career was not going well. At that time, he also used to think about various ideas about a film. There are 3 films of Manoj in which the idea was taken from Manoj himself.


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