Raju Hirani blamed for rape


The producer has denied the claims, naming them ‘false, wicked, outrageous, inspired and slanderous’.

Producer Rajkumar Hirani has been blamed for rape by a lady who worked with him on his film Sanju.

Hirani has completely denied the claims. His legal advisor Anand Desai named the claims ‘false, evil, shocking, persuaded and slanderous’.

In an article on HuffPost India, the lady, who calls herself ‘an aide’, affirmed that Hirani explicitly manhandled her more than once among March and September 2018.

The lady said that on April 9, 2018, the executive initially passed an explicitly suggestive comment to her and later explicitly ambushed her at his home office.

‘I shaped these words on my lips – “Sir, This isn’t right. As a result of this power structure. You being the outright power and me being a unimportant aide, no one worth mentioning – I will never have the capacity to communicate to you”,’ she composed of the April 9 episode in the email to Chopra, as cited by HuffPost India.

The lady said Hirani was a dad figure for her.

‘My psyche, body and heart were horribly damaged that night and for the following a half year’, the email read.

Movie pundit Anupama Chopra, Chopra’s significant other who is an executive at Vinod Chopra Films Pvt Ltd, Sanju scriptwriter Abhijat Joshi and producer Shelly Chopra, Chopra’s sister, were likewise set apart on the email.

The complainant later addressed HuffPost India that she was ‘threatened by Hirani’, who was her revealing individual at the time.

She said she kept up an exterior of regularity viewing Hirani’s conduct as she expected to clutch her activity as her dad was experiencing a terminal sickness.

‘I had no way out, yet to be considerate to him. It was horrendous, however the reason I continued it all, until the point when I proved unable, was on the grounds that I didn’t need my business to be detracted from me, and work to be addressed. Ever.’

‘I was concerned that on the off chance that I left halfway, it is difficult to discover another activity in this industry if he somehow happened to talk severely about my work. Supposing that Hirani said I wasn’t great, everyone would tune in. My future would be in risk,’ she said.

Anupama Chopra had affirmed that the lady had imparted a record to her, and that Vinod Chopra Films has since set up a council to address protestations of lewd behavior.

‘I have offered my full help and prescribed that she take the dissension to a legitimate body or a nonpartisan gathering since we can’t be referees or judges on this,’ Chopra said.

‘We additionally offered to set up an Internal Complaints Committee at VCF (which we have set up from that point forward) despite the fact that a VCF ICC couldn’t have taken up the case since she was a RHF (Rajkumar Hirani Films) worker at the time. These are two separate organizations,’ she said in an email dated December 5, 2018.

Anupama Chopra said the lady disclosed to her she required time to consider how to take things forward.

‘I didn’t need in any capacity to pressurize her or steer her toward any path. As Vinod and I revealed to her at that point, she has our full help and we are completely conscious of whatever choice she has taken.’

The improvement approaches on the impact points of Hirani’s name been dropped from the new blurb and trailer of Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga, coordinated by Shelly Chopra.

A still from the film’s secret, which discharged on June 27, 2018, conveyed Hirani’s name as co-maker.

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