Stuntman’s family got Rs. 20 lakh from Akshya Kumar’s policy scheme


Our Khiladi Kumar released an insurance scheme in 2017 for the stunt man working in our entertainment industry. And recently a family of stuntman
Abdul Sattar Munna got Rs. 20 lakh from the scheme. Abdul died in a car accident two years ago.

According to a newspaper report, the General Secretary of the movie Stunt Artists Association, Ejaz Gulab, sought help from Akshay Kumar for the family of senior stunt artist. Gulab told the newspaper that two years ago, the family of a stuntman was impossible to provide the of 20 lakh rupees. Now Akshay Kumar has started an insurance policy for approximately 550 stuntmen.

According to Gulab, insurance companies cover only 18 to 55 years of age. There are about 50 action choreographers in the industry who are over 55 years old. Many of them are the only earning members in their family. Gulab says that, if anything happens to someone during the work, how will his family spend?

On Friday, Gulab had met Akshay and told about the situation. Gulab hopes that Akshay’s scheme is will works well.


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