Vicky Kaushal gets impressed by a fan’s sweet gesture


Celebrities are usually surrounded by fans and they always want to have a life with privacy. After becoming a celebrity the first con that comes with it is lost of privacy. But there are some fans who minds in breaking a celebrities privacy.

Same thing happened with the Uri fame actor Vicky Kaushal. One of his fans saw him in a cafe sitting on the table near to her. He thought about meeting her favorite actor but she didn’t as she thought she should not break his privacy. And then, she left the idea of meeting.

The fan’s husband shared the incident that happened with his wife and he also got a reply from the actor Vicky Kaushal.

In a tweet her husband wrote, ” @vickykaushal09 my wifey saw you today in the jam jam cafe, was sitting next to your table but too shy to come up and talk. And thought that privacy should be given to the stars. I am saying hi on her behalf and we really love your acting. Take care!!”

In the reply Vicky wrote, “Pass my regards. I appreciate her for respecting my privacy. Next time, feel free, I’d be happy to have a conversation :)”

Vicky Kaushal got very impressed by the gesture and also he came up with the best reply.


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